MFM is a suite of scripts, utilities, and models for simulating and demonstrating multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) communication in MATLAB. MFM supports sub-6 GHz and mmWave MIMO communication.

The initial motivation was for MFM to be a framework that could accelerate my (Ian P. Roberts) graduate research. Hoping that others may benefit from MFM, I decided to clean it up and release it to the public. I realized that MFM’s potential extend beyond research, but also in educating students on MIMO. It could offer them a tool to better explore MIMO concepts numerically, mathematically, and algorithmically.

MFM implements conventional MIMO signal processing at the symbol level (i.e., single letter formulations). Essentially, MFM is a tool for executing the linear algebra involved in MIMO design and simulation. MFM is designed for frequency-flat scenarios but could be extended to incorporate frequency-selective ones.

Feel free to email mimoformatlab@gmail.com with questions and feedback.


The latest version of MFM can be cloned or downloaded from this GitLab repository.

git clone git@gitlab.com:iprnq9/mfm.git


MFM is protected by copyright and is released under the MIT license.

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