Getting Started

To begin using MFM, download or clone this repository.

Open MATLAB with your working directory as the root of the MFM folder.

In the Command Window, type mfm.setup. This will run the necessary initializations for MFM.

The command mfm.setup will need to be run at the start of each MFM session (i.e., anytime you re-open MATLAB).

That’s it. You are ready to use MFM.

Running Your First Script

After running mfm.setup, you are ready to run your first MFM script.

Examples have been provided in the main/examples/ directory.

Open the script main/examples/main_example_01.m.

This example script follows the guide A Complete Network-Level Example.

Take a look through the script and guide to familiarize yourself with what is going on.

When ready, hit Run.